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Voices From The Heart
Through the secret kindness of a friend, Alan Paige rises from the despair of destitution to a high place in the financial world of Wall Street. Years later, when he discovers what Tony Feller has done for him, just as he learns how Tony's life has taken a different turn, he swears to rescue Tony out of his misery.
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[Ordinary Lives]

Ordinary Lives: A Journey Through America, Memoir
America--Of the People, By the People, For the People, and What kind of people. A coming-of-age story of a newcomer, from the point of view first of an innocent young man to that of an adult, battle-hardened by the realities of life he found in his struggle to survive in New Jersey, Canada, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.
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[The Message]

"What good is a victory,
if it turns you into your enemy?"

The Message - A Thriller, 475 p.
A disgruntled federal worker with top-secret clearance decides to get even with his bosses by selling critical security data to America`s enemies, resulting in horrifying consequences to the U.S. Government.
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[The Message]

Latest Release - Polarized The country self-destructs during the second American Civil War. Read the Precis and selected chapters.. Preview the Climax of the story: Epilog.

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Circa July 2008
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[Being Here]

[Mr n Ms]

[Duck People]

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[A Rose for You]

Being Here
A novel about America
and the making of
today's Americans

Mr and Ms Stories
Four endearing
short novels
that bring the silent tears
and then the smiles and
laughter to wipe them dry

Duck People
Nine captivating stories that reach out into the heart and mind, baring some of our most feared and most fulfilling emotions, each one told with unrelenting frankness and realism.

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