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Love your books. I bought them all. When is the next one
coming out?

Catherine Lancaster
Sacramento, CA USA -

I enjoyed every one of your books.
Wonderful stories. Can't stop reading them. Bravo, Jaime.
Keep 'em coming.

Carolyn Chesterton <>
Lexington, MA USA -

Lovely books. Just lovely. Page turners, every one of them.
I look forward to more such good stories from this author. Very good writer, indeed.

Mary Cooper <>
Manchester, UK -

How I love reading those books. Couldn't put them down.
Now I want more. Please, dear wonderful author, write more.
Give us some more of those wonderful, touching stories.

Kristina Paisley <>
San Francisco, CA USA -

Great stories. I just kept on reading. Couldn't stop. Now, I want more. Please keep writing. The world needs good stuff like these books, not the kind of crap that constantly flood the bookstores.
Linda Francene <>
Des Moines, IA USA -

I had a great time reading these books. Keep them coming!
Susan Mathieson <>
Denver, CO USA -

Enjoyed these books a lot. Great reading.
Keep them coming.

Tom Harrison <>
San Francisco, CA USA -

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. The stories are so
wonderful to read. Great writing. Please do more.

Leslie Crandall <>
San Diego, CA USA -

Love your books.
Great stories. Touching, funny, very enlightening.

Ted Zsemanski <>
Philadelphie, PA USA -

Hello. I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your books. They're wonderful! I smiled, cried a little and laughed. The end result is feeling good.
I hope you keep writing these wonderful stories.

Tess Hargroove <>
Tampa, FL USA -

I wonder where I could find more books like these. Good clean stories. Touching. And funny. I hope the author keeps writing them.
Pete Jenkins <>
Dallas, TX USA -

I enjoyed very much reading these wonderful stories.
I always dream of living in
America. These books tell me
so much about life there. I hope soon I will be there.

Larissa Romanova <>
London, England -

Good books. Enjoyed everyone of them. I want to read more of these kinds of stories.
Linda Gordon <>
Des Moines, IA USA -

I lived in America for a few years. Reading these books,
I feel life there again. Very good stories. Good writing.

Jiro Shimada <>
Kobe, Japan -

I lived in Santa Barbara, California, one year, and Washington, DC, for two years. These books remind me so much of life there. Very good books for me to read. I enjoyed them a lot. Thank you. Muchas gracias.
Juan Cuevas del Fuego <>
Salamanca, Espana -

I really felt great while reading Mr. Jaime Espiritu's novels, actually these novels are really useful to me (actually its all about my homework cause I really need it) someday I want to be like him thanks Mister.... lets give him around of applause!!!
Ylaine Francine <>
Pateros,Metro Manila, Philippines -

I'm 2/3 of the way with The Message. It's a terrific thriller novel. One of the most enjoyable reads I've bought in a while. Well written and absolutely engaging. Page-turner throughout.
Darren Collier <>
Denver, CO USA -

Great books. Good read. I want to see more of this kind of books come out in bookstores.
James Perry <>
Miami, Fl USA -


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