Duck People

An astounding collection of stories. Quality fiction at its best, by a quality writer.


Louis McGhee, just turned thirty-nine and all of a sudden caught up in the realm of middle-age anxiety. He wakes up one day and is struck by the thought of the rut he is in with the job, a recently broken relationship, the endless routine of daily living which he now sees as nothing more than breathing to stay physically alive;

Charles Harvester and Totupo Shimada, warriors of WWII, in their first and fatal encounter during the war and, fifty years later, as brethrens in life in the hereafter;

Cliff Winslow of the upper-crust Capital area society caught in a grind between a demanding family life and a no-where job; and his friend Jesse Brown, a down-to-earth fellow Washington bureaucrat languishing at the sight of society's rot, the sloth and incompetence they see in government service;

Alice Grabowski, thirty-something, divorced, lonely, one day finally reaching the pit of depression where one loses the will to live but is rescued by a friend who personifies the fact that life is still worth living, no matter what;

Warren, Alex, Mac, Colleen, Joan and others in today's singles scene, people constantly looking for love, finding it and not finding it, but altogether caught in the cycles of pleasure-seeking, grief, deception and loneliness;

Mona, black twenty-something, perceptive, intelligent, whose vision sees into the past and the future of her race and learns from it not only in planning and building her own future, but in her understanding of and compassion for others.

Come close to this cast of genuine human characters and hear their voices - the pain and anguish, the joy and laughter in them; feel their passion for life...their hopes and fears in their unending quest for a meaningful existence.

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